Caramel Frappuccino Kit

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Become your own slime barista. This kit comes with all that is needed to assemble your own caramel frappuccino! The resulting texture is creamy, inflating and makes great bubble pops!

***NOTE: Does not come with Starbucks cup.

Scent: Salted caramel and caramel coffee.

Texture: Base slime; thick and glossy scented caramel coffee, Caramel drizzle; clear slime scented caramel coffee. Whipped topping; clay scented salted caramel.

Packaging: 6 oz. base slime, 1 oz. clear slime, 2 oz. clay.

Add-in's: Starbucks charm and toffee sprinkles. Does NOT come with a Starbucks cup. Charm is random colors.