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Naughty and Nice Duo

Naughty and Nice Duo

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Show Santa you're on the nice list with this eye-catching semi-floam that comes with disco ball-esque foam balls! With glittery holographic glimmer, it's not only beautiful but it creates awesome bubble pops and crunchy sounds too. Time to get on Santa's good side!

Scent: Golden mistletoe.

Texture: Coated clear semi-floam.

Packaging: 6 oz. jar.

Add-in's: Christmas teddy charm and sprinkle mix.


Santa's Naughty List is the perfect gift for those who have been a little mischievous this holiday season. With its beautiful deep blue-coated clear slime and glimmering gold-painted lumps of coal, it's a decadent reminder that naughty or nice, there's still time to shape up. Mix it up for a velvety soft bubble-pop sensation.

Scent: Iced cinnamon rolls.

Texture: Coated clear DIY.

Packaging: 6 oz. jar and clay pieces come in an 8 oz. storage container.

Add-in's: None.


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