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Slime Baking Kit-Pastel Chip Cookie Kit

Slime Baking Kit-Pastel Chip Cookie Kit

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Create your own unique cookies with non-edible materials. This will take your DIY skills to a whole new realm! The end result is a soft, textured treat that will blow your mind.

A slime baking kit is a DIY kit that includes nonedible slime making ingredients so that you can create your own slime baked good.

THis product is not edible!

Each kit yields approximately 4-6 cookies.

All ingredients are made from slime and/or slime making ingredients. DO NOT EAT.

Kit includes:

Recipe card

Activator pen.

1 Egg-clear slime and clay


Flour-Corn starch

Sugar-Artificial snow

Vanilla-food coloring

Chocolate chips-Resin charms (12.)

Rainbow sprinkles.

6 oz. Snow butter slime

Mini spatula

Extra 12 oz. Container

Scent: Sugar cookies.


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