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Slime Baking Kit-Strawberry Cake Kit

Slime Baking Kit-Strawberry Cake Kit

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Make your own mini cakes out of non-edible slime ingredients! Super fun, interactive and relaxing activity. This is a great way for kids to learn to follow a recipe. Adults also find this kit fun and a great way to relax and express their creativity. 

THis product is not edible!

Each kit yields one cake.

All ingredients are made from slime and/or slime making ingredients. DO NOT EAT.

Each cake kit includes:

Recipe card

Activator pen

1 egg-clear slime and clay.

Flour-Corn starch


Freeze dried strawberry powder-Pigment powder

Sugar-Artificial snow

1 cake tin

1 mini spatula 

1 charms,  sprinkles

6 oz. slime

1 oz. non-stick oil

Extra 8 oz. container

Scent: Strawberry white cake

**This kit yields about 20 oz. Of slime after it’s all mixed. It can be stored in the container provided and played with over and over again.


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