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The Marshmallow Collection

The Marshmallow Collection

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Get the entire Peeps collection! Three 6 oz. jars with DIYs!


Blue Raspberry:  Get ready for some bunny-themed fun with these clay figures! Two blue bunnies coated in sparkly glitter are perched on a thick, creamy swirl of blue and purple slime made in our thick cream butter texture. This slime is incredibly squishy and satisfying to pop!

Scent: Blue Raspberry and marshmallow peeps

Texture: Cream  butter DIY.

Packaging: 6 oz. Jar of slime and clay pieces come in an 8 oz. Container. 

Add-in’s: None.

Sour Watermelon: Indulge in the vibrant hues of pink and green on this exquisite treat. Our luscious cream butter slime boasts a thick and plush texture, offering delightful inflation and satisfying bubble pops. The little clay chicks look just like the real thing.

Scent: Watermelon sour patch kids.

Texture: Thick and glossy DIY.

Packaging: 6 oz. jar and 2 clay chicks in an 8 oz. storage container.

Add-in's: Watermelon sprinkles.

Marshmallow Bunnies: Our best selling snow butter swirled in beautiful pink and sunny yellow comes with 2 adorable Peeps that are so realistic looking! One pink and one yellow bunny dusted in glitter. They are almost too cute to squish but so satisfying.

Scent: Marshmallow fluff and birthday cake.

Texture: Snow butter DIY.

Packaging: 6 oz. jar, 2 clay bunnies in an 8 oz. storage container.

Add-in's: None.


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