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Zen Garden snow fizz slime 6 oz. Jar

Zen Garden snow fizz slime 6 oz. Jar

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Zen Garden is part of our Garden Collection and is inspired by the calming and meditative miniature 'dry landscapes' of Japanese culture.  This slime has a beautiful calming scent, colors and concepts that evoke peace and tranquility.

The slime itself is made out of our signature snow fizz; with can start off dry and dense.  The sensory experience of breaking it up, kneading, stretching is relaxing. At it's full potential it is crunchy, poofy and sizzly. 

Scent: Peach and wild poppies.

Packaging: 6 oz.

Texture: Signature snow fizz. 

Add-in's: Wooden Zen rake, glitter, flower sequins, glass bead.

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