What is included in each order? 

1-2 slimes receive a bag of borax (activator), a slime care card and candy. 3+ slimes include a 2 oz. activator bottle, candy. Larger orders will receive an extra 2 oz. slime, extra candy and mochi squishy. 

Tips for ordering

Our slime and slime baking kits have been selling out quickly. I suggest that you have an account with us which will not only save time at check out but earn you rewards points towards money off future orders. In addition, you can sign up for text alerts. We will notify you when we are going to restock as well as when we do restock.

As most of you most likely know, there has been significant inflation across the board due to to supply chain issues. Shipping costs have increased. This means all the ingredients we buy for our slime has gone up.  We have decided that we will implement a moderate price increase for our slimes. We will continue to offer 4 oz., 6 oz., and 8 oz. sizes on most slimes . Slimes will range from $14-$20. Our baking kits will range $37-$43. 

Our business has expanded dramatically over the last few months and we are working hard to train new employees to keep up with demand.

We can promise that our slime will continue to be made using the highest quality glues, lotions, food grade dyes, skin safe fragrance oils and clays. Each slime is a thoughtful work of art and we want you to enjoy them as much as we do!

How long does slime last?

If you are ordering for a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday, please order no more than one month beforehand. Slime naturally deactivates and will need some activator to stay fresh. All of our orders come with activator. If you keep your slime in a cool place, activate when needed and play with it on clean surfaces with clean hands and always store in an air tight container your slime should last for many months.

Why is my slime sticky?

Slime can become sticky with heat, or simply over time. This is a problem that can be easily fixed.  Every order comes with an activator pen. If you would like a larger size there are 2 oz. bottles available for purchase. To add the activator, add activator a tsp. at a time until fully incorporated into the slime and slime is the desired consistency.  It is important to add the activator slowly, so you don’t over activate the slime.


What if my package arrives damaged?

We take great care to package your slimes so that they arrive to you safely. If your package arrives damaged promptly take pictures and email them to honeybun@slimecommunity.com to have the issue resolved.


How long do orders take to ship?

We will ship out orders 3-6 business days from the date you order. Transit times vary. Once the postal service has it, it can take any where from 3 days to one week for domestic orders and three weeks for international orders. 


What if I would like a refund?

If you received the wrong order or your package was damaged, we are happy to refund you or replace your product.  Refunds cannot be given if you decide you no longer want the product, accidentally ordering and informing us after the order was shipped, order was delivered to the wrong address due to invalid address given by the customer, deciding to cancel after the shipment has been processed, or a minor child uses a parent’s credit card without the consent of the parent.

 What if there is something wrong with my order? 

If you received the wrong slime please email honeybun@slimecommunity.com with your order number and the hand written name at the bottom of your invoice.

What type of container will my slime be shipped in?

All slime will be shipped in secure screw top jars.  These jars are shatterproof.


Why are there variations in each slime?

Due to the nature of slime and the ingredients used to crate it; each slime can have slight variations in color, design and style.  We do our absolute best to deliver a consistent product but due to the hand-crafted nature of slime there may be slight variations.


What is Slime Community’s policy and procedures on sanitation and cleanliness?

All slime is made, packaged and prepped using the following safety/cleanliness guidelines:

Gloves are used while making and packaging slime.

All utensils, surfaces and containers are bleach sanitized.

 What are the ingredients used in slime? Slime may include some or all of the following ingredients:

PVA glue, vegetable glycerin, skin safe fragrance oil, artificial snow, plastic snow, food dye, pigment powder, diluted borax, contact solution, corn starch, air dry clay, shaving cream, lotion, foaming hand soap.