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Movie Night Trio

Movie Night Trio

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Get 3 different slimes and 3 different textures! Slimes look and smell just like your favorite movie theater snacks. Choose sprite OR coke. Each slime comes in a low profile 4 oz. jar.

Movie Theater Popcorn-Our semi-floams are made with a thick and glossy base. The scent is so realistic, just like buttery movie popcorn. This slime gives satisfying crunches and bubble pops. Super fun to play with! scented buttery popcorn. Comes with a popcorn bucket charm.

Red Slimes-This slime is made to look and smell just like Twizzlers. It's a bright red squish slime that makes the most incredible sizzles. This slimes comes with a cute red vines charms. Scented Red Vines (strawberry candy, sweet tarts and lollipops).

Fountain coke is a juicy jelly slime that looks and smells just like Coca-Cola. Jelly slime feels like a squishy gummy bear and when it inflates gives great bubble pops! Scented Coca-Cola. Comes with a coke bottle charm.

Sprite is a beautiful iridescent bingsu bead slime. It's so amazing for bubble pops and crunches. Comes with a little bottle charm and is scented lemon lime soda.

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