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Pop Rocket Shave Ice

Pop Rocket Shave Ice

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This is such a fun slime to assemble: it comes with 3 scented 'syrups', an adorable shave ice charm and spoon. The base is our signature snow fizz which is a slime that starts off dense and dry, with kneading, stretching and squeezing it poofs up and becomes a crunchy bubbly slime.  A fan favorite!

NOTE: See the assembly video on our Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or TikTok page.

Scent: Passion fruit limeade. Cherry syrup scented cherry slushie, pineapple syrup scented pineapple and iridescent syrup scented raspberry limeade.

Texture: Signature snow fizz.

Packaging: 6 oz. jar.

Add-in's: Shave ice charm,  mini spoon and iridescent sprinkles, 


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