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Slime Baking Kit-Peaches & Cream

Slime Baking Kit-Peaches & Cream

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This slime baking kit allows you to create mini pies using non-edible slime ingredients! Engage in a super enjoyable and soothing activity. Perfect for teaching children how to follow a recipe, while adults can also have fun and unwind as they express their creativity. 

A slime baking kit is a DIY kit that includes nonedible slime making ingredients so that you can create your own slime baked good.

This product is not edible and does not need to be baked!

Each pie kit comes with all the necessary ingredients and accessories to make two 4” pies. 

All ingredients are made from slime and/or slime making ingredients. DO NOT EAT.

Each pie kit includes:

Recipe card.

Activator pen (for sticky slime)

1 egg-clear slime and clay.

Flour-Corn starch


Vanilla-Food dye

Sugar-Artificial snow

1 mini silicone pie tin

1 mini spatula 

1 mini silicone rolling pin

1 charm and sprinkles.

6 oz. Pie filling (slime)

1 oz. Whipped topping-Clay

Extra 12 oz. container

Scent: Fresh peaches, whipped cream and pie crust.

*Yeilds approximately 20 oz. Of slime once it’s mixed together. Can be stored in the container provided and used over and over again. 

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