Slime Baking Kit-Thanksgiving Dinner

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A whole Thanksgiving feast made from slime and slime ingredients! So fun to assemble and so many cool textures to experiment with!

This kit includes:

One Turkey; clay.

2 oz. cranberry sauce; jelly x jelly cube slime, scented marshmallows.

Green Beans; clay.

2 oz. Mashed Potatoes; icee slime, scented sugar cookies.

1 oz. gravy; clear slime.

1 packet of faux seasoning.

1 pie crust; in 2 oz. jar, clay.

1 oz. pumpkin pie filling; butter slime, scented pumpkin pie.

1 whipped cream swirl; clay.

1 mini fork and 1 mini plate.

Recipe card.

The combined texture is squishy, inflating and great for bubble pops. Yeilds about 16 oz. of slime,