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Spring Fling Crunch Pack

Spring Fling Crunch Pack

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Introducing the Spring Fling Crunch Pack - a trio of coated crystal clear slimes filled with unique beads and charms. Each 4.5 oz. slime offers a satisfying crunch, providing a tactile and visual experience. Add this bundle to your collection for endless fun and textured slimes.

Antique Lace-This slime is packed with sugar scrub beads and beautiful butterfly, flower and bow beads. This slime is unscented.

Egg-cellent-This slime has the cutest sprinkle mix of chicks, eggs, pearls and more. It’s also packed with iridescent yellow Bingsu beads. Scented rainbow cereal.

Peaceful Bloom-This slime is packed with iridescent sequined flowers and peace charms. Scented mango pineapple.

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