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The Garden Collection a trio of 6 oz. Snow fizz slimes

The Garden Collection a trio of 6 oz. Snow fizz slimes

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The Garden Trio comes with one of each of our 8 oz. Garden slimes; Zen Garden, Succulent Garden, Shroom Garden. Comes in a box with activator bottle. These slimes are our shops bestselling slimes.

Our signature snow fizz texture is very densely packed with snow.  It can seem like they are too dry and dense at first.  With slow stretching and squeezing the glue begins to wake up; the resulting texture will be super crunchy, poofy and full of asmr.

Scents:  Zen Garden-peach & poppies. Succulent Garden-Rose meringue.  Shroom Garden-Brown sugar & chestnut.

Texture: Signature snow fizz.

Packaging: Three 8 oz. jars.

Add-in's: Zen garden comes with a wooden rake, glitter, one glass pebble & flower sequins.  Shroom garden comes with mushroom fimos, 2 shrooms and glass pebble. Succulent garden comes with an artificial succulent, star glitters and a glass pebble.


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