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Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot Fudge Sundae

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First off, this is the most decadent and realistic chocolate scent I have ever smelled; it's a blend of s'mores and hot fudge brownie. Your mouth will be watering. Secondly, the clay sundae is incredibly realistic. It has a waffle cone bowl and a huge soft serve swirl. You get to choose your 'chocolate drizzle'. Either wax or slime. The wax makes a satisfying cracking noise when mixed and the wax pieces add unique extra texture to the slime. Super fun either way! The combined texture is soft and creamy and very inflating.

Scent: S'mores and hot fudge brownie.

Texture: Thick and Glossy DIY.

Packaging: 6 oz. jar of slime, clay whipped cream swirl comes in an 12 oz. storage tupperware and waffle cone bowl comes in a 12 oz. storage tupperware. Chocolate drizzle (wax) comes on clay piece. Chocolate drizzle (slime) comes in 1 oz. container.

Add-in's: Cherry charm and rainbow sprinkles.

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